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One is li bingbing age has nearly 40 years old, young route has been misplaced. Although on the surface, li bingbing is relatively young, it’s just because actors to maintain well, in fact, http://agatdesignbureau.ru/ li bingbing has nearly 40 years old, 40, nearly back screen age actress, taking young line again, should be the end. Examples: brigitte Lin, rosamund kwan, Zhang Manyu international star after 40 years old, has pulled out of the screen, after all, is the world of the young people in the movies. The second is snow flower and the secret fan can have an impact on remains to be seen. Before splash-ink door event, I haven’t heard of that movie, it may be splash-ink door event will benefit, li bingbing, of course, is also the benefit of this event. But only by the main leading role of a movie can replace status in international film star zhang ziyi, a bit anyway take it for granted, and did not have the zhang ziyi snow flower and the secret fan can have the box office, or can have how high box office, it also need to observe.

Third, li bingbing is the influence of the domestic first-class, not top. Li bingbing, although since 2005, replica gucci belts that was a late bloomer, across the whole of Designer Belts, ornamental, golden rooster to the golden horse awards in 2009, only a awards, otherwise is universal, has reached the level of domestic first-class actors. But, she’s not top actors, and fan bingbing, zhou xun at the top of her, and zhang ziyi is poor too far, even in asked her to have a boss to promote company, was called the wrong, of course, said li bingbing became a fan bingbing, visible, her fame has not reach the level of top, at the top ten.

Four is zhang ziyi once out of the door, will certainly welcome the second spring her career.

Although it is affected by events such as splash-ink door zhang ziyi, impact on business, but after all, she is one of the few international movie star in Designer Belts, is the average person can’t reach her ability, once beyond these so-called door at present, the author believes that she will have the second in the spring of her life in her career, after all, her smile has been printed on we have in mind, not some so-called compensated dating the daughter of mercy, besides, she faced the door, is the young man often prone to error, have disappeared from the program. That is to say, this year’s Spring Festival gala we will miss the excellent performances of the Huang Hong, the Designer Belts Spring Festival gala evergreens, even more than the qualification of zhao benshan, the old, the only one with zhao benshan comparable comedian so left the year of the tiger Spring Festival gala, is a pretty big shame, for audiences, like Huang Hong is a big blow.