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God Bless My People, God Bless replica designer belts! Lian Yue: in favor of disaster relief, helps to reduce casualties, help release anxiety, help comfort the victims, help to provide assistance, help us become warm person, help to improve the image of our country, all have conducive had to rely on information that we can get, so they know they suffer, they insist, they are to us for help, and they trust us. So, thank all those who provided the information. Liang said: all deceased, all who are our children, relatives, spouses, friends, students, close friend and compatriot. Short life, they laughed, cried, too happy, too sad; they come over, they’re gone. But do not remember the joy they bring dedication, but to learn from their mistakes occasionally; so, it is not a trip to the line of the journey in vain; so, they are still between you and me.

Shortly afterwards, we will eventually walk through, do so before. All impermanence, Sri Lanka livelihood off method, though born hunt extinct, Sri Lanka Perishable order. In the face of the forces of nature, the only thing we can rely is but human warmth. Linda: Before the disaster, life is fragile, and we end up no difference in the weak nature. He saw his mother in front of the building collapsed round and round but could not save the child, suddenly hit compassion to everyone, and this is a common human nature. A personal reaching out to people today have a difficult real help, weak people will eventually cross the disaster, then the courage to go down.

This is our hope. Liu Hongbo: In the face of the forces of nature, the only thing we can rely is but human warmth. Unable to resist the outbreak of the forces of nature, but no matter how many times hit, even though we will again stunned, frightened, and never slumped down, just because we have love. Love is the future. Love makes us focus, so the more we blend the aftermath of devastation more flesh, replica hermes belt the more so the more we encounter su ffering to embrace. It is more violent than any lingering power, more toughness, more powerful.

That is why we believe that we are still experiencing an earthquake will stand up. Ma Guangyuan: Earthquake happened in an instant, everything surging macro theory perhaps not as one of the most simplest and most ordinary word, that is: Peace! We can not control the disaster, we can not follow the Prime Minister to visit each individual line. But we know that this time is the greatest blessing meaning I love the replica ferragamo belt people united lit candles, illuminating still waiting to be rescued under the rubble of the children’s eyes. Ma Licheng: mourning the victims of the earthquake folks. Let us join hands, unite and ride out the storm. Mao Shoulong: Only sad, bless, bless …… Qin Hui: human life, the state should go all out to society to go all out, the international community should go all out. replica designer belts is now the most important thing is to save the disaster, not the other, including the Olympics. Yau Lop Poon: Sichuan earthquake shattered a lot of lives, but shock is not broken replica gucci belts people.