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Newspapers would like to take a corner, to send away the infinite grief of the victims.

Everyone is willing to unite in support of relief efforts to help survivors of the strong. Guangdong has many foreign workers and students from the affected areas, they must be worried. Let’s start from the side, helping them to share the pain and sorrow. Bing: disaster should not only make the national unity, should make the national examination. For good and the courage to reflect on the nation, rumors inadequate fear. Rumors may kill, but no rumors of more dangerous country. Rumors would stop public.

He Weifang: Lunar New Year, what a disaster! Never again hold any celebration move, we want to express mourning the victims compatriots. Those made for joy, for those unfortunate families, people express insignificant heart-breaking. Zhaowu: We deeply mourn the earthquake victims compatriots, and now, although the misery of the survivors are still fellow citizens, hope that all have to support them. Do not be like the year as the Tangshan earthquake, declined all foreign aid, it is absurd, because this is a disaster for all mankind! We hope countrymen work together to tide over the disaster as soon as possible. Ji Weidong: Sichuan Earthquake let us see the fragility of their homes, bu t also gave birth to a strong sense of common destiny. Hopefully, May 12, 2008 can be a turning point, since then, some kind of new social mechanism in the formation and development of national volunteer relief and rehabilitation activities.

In folk mutual aid and self-reliance in the process, replica designer belts will certainly phoenix, reborn! From disaster rehabilitation to national revival — the main theme of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games will be played this way, and in the world resonate! Jiang Ping: mountains shake to crack than grief War, a difficult corner of aid from all directions! Jiangzhao Yong: When a catastrophic disaster first replica designer belts and foremost the responsibility of the media to inform the public, even if there is an error information, but just keep track will be realistic, holographic master of public information, to make a choice of action, it is better to create a disaster relief condition. Lei Yi: timely first, second icing on the cake! Li Gongming: When this tragic traumatic occasion, government and the people, especially the need to work together. The smooth flow of information, bringing together the public, the transparent decree, the initiatives of other real comprehensive victory over the devastating consequences of the essence. Jufan various stupid lazy staff, numb cold-blooded, drunk Huan seek temporary ease and other deeds, the people and the shame of the discussion of when to rise, especially in the media has a responsibility here.