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In recent years, about the Designer Belts Spring Festival gala sketch events suspected of copying or plagiarism is becoming more and more and gradually become the focus of attention. Below is the inventory of Designer Belts Spring Festival gala calendar year ten sketch works suspected of plagiarism.

A, 1994 Huang Hong, hou’s sketch poker. This essay after the Spring Festival gala on, many netizens questioned sketch was suspected of plagiarism, but not below, did not take out the basis. This is the first Spring Festival gala sketch works has been questioned. 2, 2003, zhao benshan, gao xiumin, corporate dilettantes in the essay the heart. According to the time of the southern network coverage: zhao benshan opusculum heart suspected of plagiarism? Article said on just the end of the Designer Belts Spring Festival gala, zhao benshan, gao xiumin, corporate dilettantes performance comedy heart suspected of plagiarism, heilongjiang TV happy ring 2001 New Year’s day special program winning Liu Yueli pointed out: the author of the heart the body of the framework and the story is winning nuclear, and stressed that the author of the heart qingkui he suspected of plagiarism. Qingkui he later emphasize the work is his money from a man called Wu Yang bought, spent 1000 yuan, and a video to prove it. Whether or not plagiarism, has nothing to do with him, because he is out of money. Three, in 2006, zhao benshan, eternal song dan-dan famous, cui yongyuan in sketch masters.

After the Designer Belts Spring Festival gala broadcast on the first day, some netizens Posting questions, said sketch some of the baggage and programs have seen similar, and then cause Zhao Doudou and zhao benshan, Zhang Meng about copyright disputes of two events, zhao Zhao Doudou on February 17, this also held a press conference in chengdu. Later also Zhao Doudou Zhang Meng prosecution to changsha intermediate people’s court. Four, 2007 Huang Hong, Adrienne, kesheng lei in the sketch test. Someone pointed out that the test is not suspected of plagiarism but completely copied in jiangxi province party united chairman Chen Shixu works the old cao: hello, this is the Designer Belts Spring Festival gala a small former suspected of plagiarism, but also the specific authors and works.

Fifth, pan Yangtze river in 2007, Jin Yuting in the sketch will love through to the end. Accused of alleged plagiarism miniature novel net love, sketch the plot is similar to the novel, the novel on April 23, 1999, published in the chongqing evening news. Six, feng gong in 2007, li chi keung, in the sketch the za in the village of things , its story some netizens pointed out three bowls of water have copied noodles ideas. And eat noodles is a famous comedian on 1984 in the essay, it seems the wind of copy copy to peer inside. Seven, in 2008, zhao benshan, eternal song dan-dan famous, Liu Liu in the sketch. fire away from his hand. A netizen ha s accused of copying its disciple field of work.

The netizen points out, after two people in the video performance one by one after comparison, I found two people on stage at sea and action, with a look of lines for the next period of bedding and clearance in these with a sudden good word to drive the hilarious atmosphere. Guo Da 8, 2008, girls in the essay dream home, one of the sayings about why was copied. But some people say that this is for reference, not copied. 9, 2008, Mr. Zhao, li3 qi2 starred in red envelopes (ultimately unsuccessful), in front of the stage, was shehong county culture Qin Shize retired cadres, points out that the sketch is copying his little, creation of essays before and after surgery, in this work, published in 1998 the journal dramatist. Did not play because I don’t know whether the alleged plagiarism.